The Pioneer Mountainbike Race


February has become peak event season in New Zealand. It seems January is too close to Christmas and March is too cold or something because everything happens in Feb and increasingly on the same weekends. So for Kinetic it was a very busy start to the year. We produced coverage of the Tarawera Ultra Marathon, live web stream of Challenge Wanaka long distance Tri plus a brand new event, The Pioneer.  The Pioneer is a 7 day mountain bike race taking riders from Christchurch to Queenstown through New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

As most of this race is on private land through the backcountry we began preparing for this event in January with recce’s and days spent poring over Google Earth images. In the backcountry of New Zealand its very much a case of prepare everything you can, plan for the worst and hope for the best. We were contracted to shoot not only for a post produced documentary but each day we also needed to collate the action for an international news release and produce a highlights montage which could be played at the evening award ceremonies. This meant that we needed to know exactly where we could access, what time to be there, how long to stay and what time to be at the finish line. With quick turnaround jobs we need to work to a tight schedule and spend only the available time on it otherwise the whole house of cards can come down.

This was a great event and it went incredibly well for a first time running. The weather was perfect all week and we managed to capture some fantastic images of the riders and the terrain. With a lot of events its turn up, work hard and its over before we know it, so it was great to spend a week among the same crew of guys, both on our team and the event crew and riders. The nightly highlights were a big hit and we could feel the camaraderie building with the field of riders during the week.

We broke out all the toys for this job, 3-axis gimbal, drone aerials, jibs, sliders and Sony cameras. The footage came out spectacularly well and we think its a great showcase for what Kinetic can do for event coverage. We produced 7 news packages, 7 highlights packages, a one-hour doco and a 3 min promo from this event. The clips are all available on the front page of the website

The one hour doco received great pickup internationally. Over 20 markets around the world took the show with potentially millions of people getting to see the best of NZ. You can view the final show here –



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